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Call the Shot™ - baseball & softball training tool

As coaches or players, we're all looking to improve. Hit further, with a higher ratio, cleaner. Previous methods have been inefficient and/or expensive. So, imagine a cost effective product that:

  • gives coaches, batters, and parents instant, visual feedback
  • increase your batting average and RBI's
  • provides valuable feedback, from video reviews, to make swing adjustments
  • helps your batters recognize the optimal target area
  • helps more experienced batters fine-tune their swing

Imagine no more! Introducing the exciting new "Call the Shot™" sweet spot sleeve. This innovative bat sleeve is the answer to a coach's training dilemma.

  • An excellent batting training tool, for players aged 4 through adult
  • Perfect for T-ball through, and including, professional leagues
  • Stretchable sleeve fits all bats: comes in 3 different sizes, for T-Ball/Little League, senior league and softball bats
  • Slides on & off easily
  • Cold water hand wash/air dry
  • Can help protect expensive bats and potentially prolong their life

Helps both developing and experienced players improve their swing